Terms & Conditions and Grievance Redressal Policy of CouponPay.in

  1. Introduction of CouponPay.in

CouponPay.in’s cashback, rewards and referral bonus services are offered by TMT International. So, TMT International provides online services in India as well as in other countries. There are some words which will refer to the CouponPay.in i.e. “Company”, “We”, “Our” “Us” or “CouponPay” in the entire page of CouponPay.in’s terms and conditions (T&C).

So, kindly read entire terms of services (“User Agreement” or Terms of Service) because it is necessary for you, as it has some legal terms and conditions for using the services of CouponPay.

  1. CouponPay Membership and Registration:

A person who is 16-year-old, can register on CouponPay and can avail all the benefits of cashback, reward as well as referral bonuses. CouponPay offers for free membership (Registration) to all. Thus, a person can get CouponPay membership just by submitting certain correct/accurate information at the time of registration.

So, if a person is registering on CouponPay, it means, he/she does agree to the terms and conditions of the CouponPay. If you don not agree to the terms and conditions of CouponPay then do not use any services of CouponPay. Without agreeing with the term and conditions (T&C) of CouponPay, if you are using CouponPay services then you will not be able to make any kind of claim or file the suit against the company(us). Moreover, if you are violating any clause of this agreement that may be subjected to termination and suspension of your CouponPay account.

CouponPay members are not allowed to run PPC Campaign (Paid Ads) on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook or other such kind of platform on the name of CouponPay or CouponPay.in. In case, any member does not follow our rule or terms and conditions then his/her account can be terminated immediately. Moreover, all the earned of such member who are violating terms and conditions cashback can be lapsed.

  1. Sign Up Bonus:

We offer sign up bonus to our members which can not be withdrawal without completing minimum withdrawal amount which is Rs. 500 (minimum withdrawal amount Rs.500). Moreover, sign up bonus can be changed any time as it is totally depending on the sole discretion of the company. However, earned bonus will not be changed.

If a person does not complete whole registration process which is mentioned on the home page of the company then he/she will not get any signup bonus. Sign Up Bonus will be credited into an account only after a successful completion of the registration process. If a person does not compete entire registration process, he/she will not be able to claim for any signup bonus.

Note: Any news later subscriber will not get any kind of signup bonus as well as referral bonus or cashback. For earning signup bonus, you need to register by clicking on the Register/Login via main navigation menu of CouponPay header.

  1. Cashback And Reward:

CouponPay offers cashback and Reward to all its registered member on every shopping. And all these cashbacks come to us from retailers. When our registered members do shopping then we get a particular affiliate commission from that retailer. So, against that affiliate commission we also provide a part of commission to our registered member as cashback or reward.

Moreover, these cashback and reward will be credited into your account after 90 days. However, it will be shown in your CouponPay account as pending within month but after 90 days it will be confirmed and approved. In case, if any member purchases some product from any retail store.

And after few days he/she returns the product then he/she will not get any cashback or reward for that transaction, as we also will not get any affiliate commission against that transaction. So, make sure we only provide cashback and reward on those transactions on which we get any affiliate commission. Moreover, we can not provide higher cashback or reward than we get from retailers or affiliate networks (Affiliate Companies).

Moreover, sometimes a member can feel that he/she has been paid cashback or reward less than mentioned on the website. It is possible because retailers and affiliate networks change the affiliate commission rates time to time. So, if you are getting less cashback or reward then don’t worry. It would be just because of the retailers as commission rate is on the sole discretion of the retailers or affiliate networks. Thus, you will not get more cashback or reward than we get affiliate commission whether it is written on the CouponPay website.

In some case, if retailer feels that the purchase is not genuine by any reason (whatsoever). In that case, we will not receive any kind of affiliate commission then the member also will not get any cashback or reward from us.

 If a registered member does not login in his CouponPay account and click on the coupons or deals link and does shopping then he/she will not get any kind of cashback or reward. Thus, a member will get cashback or reward only if he/she follows the cashback rules and process mentioned on the home page of CouponPay. If he/she does not comply these rules or does not follow the mentioned steps then he/she will not be eligible to do any kind of cashback or reward claim from CouponPay.

  1. Referral Bonus:

CouponPay provides upto 30% referral bonus of approved/confirmed cashback or reward value. Any pending referral bonus can be cancelled any time if the referred member returns the product. If any our registered member refers to a person and he/she registers and does shopping and earns cashback or reward then referrer will get upto 30% of cashback or reward value. These, referral bonuses will be approved after 90 days of the relevant transactions.

However, it will be shown into your CouponPay account within a month as pending. Moreover, if a person does shopping and receive product. And after few days, he/she returns the product then his /her pending cashback or reward would be cancelled as well as your referral bonus too.

 If you refer to someone and he does not follow entire step of earning cashback or reward then neither he will get cashback or reward nor you will get referral bonus. Referral bonus can be changed any time by the company but confirmed/approved referral bonus will not be changed.

  1. Withdrawal or Redemption of Earned Cashback and Rewards:

CouponPay offers bank withdrawal minimum Rs.500/- to all its registered users. Moreover, CouponPay has a right to change withdrawal mode (redemption mode) any time i.e. in real money or amazon gift voucher or card. In case, if a member earns some reward and some cashback then he/she will get only Amazon Gift Voucher when he will make withdrawal. A CouponPay member will get cashback or reward in the form of (Real Money or Amazon Gift Card).

  1. Third Party Services:

All the coupons, offers, deals, coupon codes, promo codes and all its detail available on the CouponPay are the third-party services. Any issue arising out of these contents CouponPay will not be liable for such content and information which is supplied by the other companies (third-party). Moreover, CouponPay will not be liable for any kind of defamation, misstatement of law, falsehood as well as pornography, mistakes or misrepresentation of contents and so on.

  1. Intellectual Property Right of CouponPay:

Any kind of use or copy of – our content, logo, design, images, trademark and licence to (of) us will be subjected to the violation of Intellectual Property Right of CouponPay.  So, you are not allowed to use or copy of any material or content of us prior to our permission. If anyone does these prohibited deeds then CouponPay has a right to start a legal proceeding against that person.

  1. Modification in our cashback, reward and referral bonus services:

We have all right to change, modify, edit, stop, the cashback, reward and referral bonuses at any time without any notification to the users/members. These services are on the sole discretion of the company.

  1. Legal Jurisdiction:

We and you will be governed under Indian Court of Laws. Any dispute arising out from CouponPay will be filed/sue and decided at Civil or High Court at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Any case, claim or suit arising out of CouponPay will not be filed in any other court except Lucknow,U.P,  India.

  1. Indemnity

It is assumed that you do agree to indemnify with us against all claims, expenditure as well as liabilities arising out of any breach of the our user agreement or violation of Terms and Conditions (T&C).