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      2]  What are extra features in site ground hosting ?

Site ground provides excellent features to its users.

⦁ Web hosting providers always try to manipulate with add-one however Site ground provides the same features without any add-on charge

⦁ As you all know how important is SSL certificate for your website. it doesn't allow information being shared between websites and devices. Site ground provides this feature for free of cost.

⦁ Another amazing feature of siteground is it provides you CDN certificate with Siteground plans

⦁ The best feature of siteground is any website can be hosted on it.

⦁ Siteground is very user friendly it can be used by anyone whether you are a beginner or tech savvy person.

⦁ It offers you wide hosting needs which includes features such as shared hosting , cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting

⦁ Do you know Site ground offers 30 days money back for their shared hosting plans therefore it shows thats they really believe in their product and strive deliver excellence in all their hosting services,

⦁ Siteground plans are compatible for all the wide range of site traffic , When your trying to scale your website you can customise the plans according to your needs and services.

⦁ It offers 14 day money back guarantee for their Dedicated servers and cloud hosting plans and 14 days are enough to understand if the services are working properly.

⦁ When it comes to website speed is considered one  of the most important metric in overall website performance. A responsive website provides fantastic user experience and even Boost your SEO. A second delay can cause 8% decrease in conversion , 12% lesser page views. This speed test clearly indicates that site ground is the perfect choice for your website.

⦁ Siteground  offers highly optimized servers for high performance speed, They have the latest hardware like SSD drives and custom software to enhance your website speed.

⦁ It has data centers on three continents and you have the option to choose your desired location for sign up.

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3]  How site ground customer support is different from others?

  • Customer support is must for web hosting and that's why  Siteground ground offers wide range of products with excellent service for those products and anytime offers great customer service support for its users which quick and efficient
  • There will be always issues with your website for instance the most common thing is when your server goes down and therefore you will be always needing a technician to keep your website up and running
  • You can access Site ground phone support and live chat 24/7 also there is a plan called the Gogeek plan thus means that you,ll be dealing with well experienced Siteground technician when you will be needing one.
  • Siteground offers friendly security and Wordpress speed to assist your site with fast and safe as possible
  • They also priorities customers based on the urgency of the problem and thus you can totally count on them
  • Sitground also makes sure that you get the best support all the time whenever you need.
  • It understands when the website is down your users might face challenge to retrieve data or to access their files and hence it resolves your issues as soon as possible.

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Which Hosting Plan is perfect for which business as well as traffic?

A- All businesses need a website to showcase the products and services they offer to the consumer however getting the right hosting plan is always a challenge for your website, especially if you have a small business. Choose a virtual private server or dedicated hosting plan to make things easy. There are many hosting providers around that know what your business requirement is and that doesn't stop there! you can actually choose the right plan for your business.

Here are some hosting plans to look at :-

Shared hosting:-

Shared hosting is very famous in terms of hosting service and it could be the exact fit for your website whether your business is small or big. It is also very affordable if you have less budget and the reason is cheap because you will be sharing server resources with many other sites and that allows you to cut your cost as you will be splitting the check.

- If you are small business owner, entrepreneur or independent creative you are aware that a website is important to showcase your service and that should come at a minimum cost and that's why shared hosting comes handy in your budget and lets you have the top of the line service.

- If you have a larger business and has a lot of website traffic, I wouldn't recommend this plan as it might cause delays in your website.

- In case, if you purchase this plan for your website then it will cause little delay to download your website that will affect your search engine ranking.

- Shared hosting is offered largely all around the world, as the name itself says in shared hosting environment multiple websites in fact thousands of them are hosted on the same server which is taken care by the service provider. All the websites listed on that particular server should share all the resources which is memory, bandwidth and computing power and all these resources are distributed among the websites which are listed on the server.

- This hosting plan is primarily built for small businesses and individual creators as well. And if you are someone who's starting off and wants a hosting plan in your budget shared hosting could be very beneficial for your business.

- Shared hosting usually has less features according to its price and also support services. However, when your business starts to scale and you start getting more traffic, you can upgrade it to higher hosting plans.

- This hosting service works good for new sites that usually don't have that much traffic. So, it allows them to manage within the limits established by your users. And once’s your website starts getting more monthly traffic then it will violate the existing disk space then might need an upgrade.

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WordPress Hosting:-

WordPress hosting plan offers a wide range of features like it's very budget friendly, optimized out the box and widely supported as well. Moreover, when you choose this plan you don't need to spend more money on system admin time tweaking and tuning your server for WordPress.

- If you are a business owner WordPress hosting gives you all in one solution for getting the entire site ready within minutes. So, WordPress gives you few new security patches and installs it very quickly so that you can get up to date protection.

- WordPress has the best plugin compatibility always. Moreover, when it comes to designing your website and providing support there are lots of trained professionals. They know how to operate WordPress inside and out and they will take care of overall running and optimizing of your website for smooth sailing.

- For small business you can choose WordPress for your CMS platform as it makes sense to choose a WordPress hosting. It is one of the best recommendations for you because SiteGround WordPress hosting plan is the best for small WordPress websites. Although these plans are available at cheaper prices but if you want more reduction in the prices click on the below activate button.

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Cloud Hosting: -

In cloud hosting you can outsource an organization's computing power and storage resources to the service provider that provides the infrastructure model.

- Cloud hosting gives valuable capital and operational savings to companies because companies can save a lot of money and capital on having and managing data centres. So, It has an ability to scale fast by paying only for the resources they need.

- Many companies are using cloud hosting get to protect their data like disaster recovery and high availability. Now a days, companies also prefer hybrid model which blends compute and storage resources with cloud providers environment

- If you operate a large business or organization, you have many benefits of using cloud hosting as it is highly flexible and cost efficient and you easily scale building of applications, websites and other services. Your users can scale as they require and they are charged only for the services they use and not for any unused capacity. Therefore, this payment system ranks cloud hosting as an inexpensive method for storage.

- Cloud hosting operates completely different manner. So, let me tell you why! suppose you host your website on a single server what it does, it spreads across different servers in various locations which are all connected to the internet. You could use virtual machine to operate the various servers across the cloud and manage your website.

- If you have a high traffic on your website with cloud hosting service you have the option to only pay for the server you use. Therefore, when the traffic on your website goes up, your host scales up resources and you get to pay for the extra. However, when your traffic goes down then your host scales downwards and you get to pay less.

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VPS Hosting:-

Virtual private server is one step above the shared hosting service. Shared hosting is very cost effective for start-ups however is not the best choice when your traffic and business scales upwards.

- When your website begins to scale you will have to change its hosting needs. That's the perfect time to start looking for your VPS hosting so if you have a small business then you can scale with the help of VPS hosting.

- If you have business and you want to make it big and drive more traffic however pay less for it you will be needing more power than the normal web hosting service can initiate. With VPS hosting you will have more power, flexibility and stability than shared hosting. However, you don't have to pay more for it. Hence, VPS hosting is the perfect plan for your business.

- VPS hosting is very affordable and properly priced for your business needs and if you have a product which you sell on your website, you will be needing a website which opens up quickly and Virtual private server is perfect when it comes to response rate.

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Dedicated Hosting –

This hosting service is described as web hosting packages which will give you a dedicated server and resource to a single client. Dedicated hosting plans can be very ideal specifically if you have a WordPress website with a huge number of people visiting your site.

-When it comes to shared hosting plan a single client is willing to share the computer with other potential clients and what VPS hosting plan does, if the client gets to share the machine and not the resources with other clients on the same computer. However, when it comes to dedicated hosting plans a single client gets to lease a complete server with all of its resource ready to use.

- Dedicated hosting plans are very useful for large corporations or websites which have higher traffic numbers, you get access to control the whole server. This plan usually is very expensive and the price is largely considered which is based on the resources you require like bandwidth, storage space and the amount of ram you would be needing. Therefore, it is the best plan for all types of business. So, if it is under your budget, subscribe dedicated hosting plan for your website. However, it is little costly but if you wish to get rebate in the charges so, click on the activate button.

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What are the siteground hosting plan features?

- SiteGround is one of the most famous web hosting services around and it has very high credibility. They offer hosting plans suitable for different websites and businesses, which includes personal websites, business websites and large ecommerce websites.

Here are some amazing features of SiteGround:-

- It's very easy to use especially the cPanel is a part of a tabbed interface which allows you to access technical, manage your account and billing support.

- Having a down time with your server is not a good thing for your business because every time your website is down, it impacts getting new customers as well as your reputations. And that's the reason you should choose siteGround which has an uptime of 99.9% and they also guarantee you the same.

- SiteGroud also offers real time tracking and hence if there is any problem in your server it will detect it instantly and notify you and also gets fixed as soon as possible also offers minimal downtime.

- In 2017 SiteGound launched its first AI platform to report and block criminal bots, As the bots engage and force attacks on your website and further causes malfunction also attempts to hack your website login details and so far, SiteGound has blocked 500,000 and 2 million attempts.

- With Access control man traps, Video surveillance, 24/7 human monitoring of servers, Biometric access points and Bulletproof lobbies SiteGound also offers flat 30-day money back guarantee which means of you are not happy with their services you will get 100% refund.

- SiteGound offers well trained customer support and you can have access to whom you are speaking to also view their customer rating.

- It also offers customized solutions which are developed by in house engineers which includes intelligence to protect your website from hackers and operating