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Hostinger coupon code India for web hosting plans

It looks like that you are looking for a Hostinger coupon code India 2020. So, you are right. Here, you can find up to 90% discount offers on Hostinger hosting plans for web hosting or other purposes. As it is a cashback and coupons website as well as android app. So you will get here all types of coupons as well as offers and promo codes for hosting plans. Not only discount coupons but also you will get cashback or reward points. If you do shopping or ordering through Coupon Pay. Thus you can get promo codes, discount coupons as well as your desired offers for Hostinger. However, in order to get cashback as well as rewards you will have to Sign Up on Coupon Pay. So,  Sign up and read the whole article carefully you will get value for time at the end.

Mostly, Hostinger offers for various hosting plans just like shared hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting plans.  Here, we have published all types of Hostinger promo codes and discount offers for all the hosting plans offered by hostinger.

In this article, you will learn:

  • 1 What is hostinger coupon code India 2020?
  • 2 How to apply hostinger coupons?
  • 3 FAQs about hostinger coupons codes.
  • 4 Hostinger coupons & offers 2020 for all web hosting plans.
  • 5 Final details on Hostinger coupon code  India.
  • 6 Hostinger coupon code 2020.

Hostinger coupon code:

In order to avail  90% flat off,  offer on Hostinger for several hosting plans. You will have to Sign up on Hostinger. So, click on the following button then sign up for Hostinger hosting plans. If you Sign up just by clicking on this link then you will get an exiting cashback as well as an attractive discounts.

  Activate Hostinger coupon code 

Now, here at Coupon Pay, we have published all the information about  discount offers as well as discount coupon codes for all the Hostinger hosting plans.

Hostinger coupon code India (upto 90% off promo codes for hosting)



Hostinger discount for global web hosting plans


Hostinger hosting plans

Discount offers 



WordPress hosting 

90% discount  


Buy now!

Shared hosting

90% off


Buy now!

VPS hosting

60% discount 


Buy now!

Cloud hosting

75% off


Buy now!

Email hosting

55% discount 


Buy now!

Hostinger coupon code India and discounts for Indian web hosting 

Hostinger  hosting plans

Discount offers 



WordPress starter hosting 

82% discount  


Buy now!

WordPress premium hosting

76% off 


Buy now!

WordPress business hosting

76% discount 


Buy now!

Cloud hosting

76% off

Rs. 409/mo

Buy now!

Email hosting

55% discount 


Buy now!

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Hostinger WordPress hosting plans:

Hostinger also offers for an special WordPress hosting plan at very reasonable monthly charges. However it is approximately up to 90% OFF. So you can get WordPress hosting plan just at very reasonable monthly charges. Thus it can be dirt cheap for running a website as well as blog which is possible just because of Hostinger India. So, do not do late just visit on hostinger and select the WordPress hosting and purchase the plan for your website as well as blogs. However, Hostinger offers three types of WordPress hosting plans.

  • WordPress starter.
  • Premium hosting plan for WordPress.
  • WordPress business.

Wordpress starter hosting plan

As everybody know that blogging business is booming now a days. And Wordpress is the king in the blogging arena. That is why Hostinger also designed Wordpress starter hosting plan. However, this hosting plan has been designed just for Wordpress Bloggers.

As a blogger always runs several blogs at a time. So, just by purchasing this hosting plan a blogger can host their all websites at very low monthly charges. Thus, a WordPress blogger always prefers Hostinger WordPress starter hosting plans.

  • The WordPress starter hosting Plan is available at the rate of $2.15 /monthly for the first year on However, this plan is available Rs.119/monthly charges on
  • So, when you renew this plan you will have to pay $3.49 /monthly for the second year on and Rs. 199/- on
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Activate Hostinger coupon code 

 Features of Wordpress starter hosting plan : 

  • In this plan you will get unlimited hosting for numerous WordPress websites. So, you can host several websites as well as blog just by purchasing this plan.
  • You will get 20 GB Disk Space in this hosting plan.
  • Moreover, you will get unlimited bandwidth. So, you can transfer unlimited data on your website. Thus, you don't need to worry about data transferring.
  • And one more amazing feature which will protect your website from being deleted i.e. weekly automated data backups of your websites.
  • Not only these features but also you will get free Jetpack. Thus, you can manage your wordprees features according to your requirements. If you need some feature to turn off so you can turn it off. Not only this but you can also turn it on. It is fully flexible according to your needs.
  • So, if  you subscribe this hosting plan then you can also apply Hostinger coupon code India for the further reduction in prices. 

Wordpress premium hosting plan

This wordpress premium hosting plan has a lots of more features in comparison of Starter hosting plan. As this plan has been designed in order to provide good services to small enterprises so that they can thrive their startup business at very low investment.

So, you can host more than ten websites at a time, in premium hosting plan. Although, you will get unlimited hosting facility but if you are running approximately ten websites at a time then it will run smoothly. Thus, if you are running some online web application in your websites then this hosting plan is sufficient for you.

  • The WordPress premium web hosting plan is available at $7.45 /monthly charges on Similarly, the same plan is available at Rs.409/monthly charges on 

  • So, when you renew the premium web hosting  plan you will have to pay $15.90 /monthly for the second year on and Rs.1114/- monthly on 

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Activate Hostinger coupon code 

Features of Wordpress premium hosting plan

  •  Hostinger offers for unlimited website hosting in the premium hosting plan. So, you can host several websites at a time if you purchase WordPress premium hosting plan. 

  • Apart from this you will get 40 GB Disk Space for your several websites in this hosting plan.

  • Hostinger is providing unlimited bandwidth for your several website. Thus you can transfer ample amount of data on servers. So, you are free from data transferring limit. 

  • Not only these features but also you will get daily automated Backups of your websites. This automated backup will add four star in your business. As it will provide you daily backup of the data. Thus it can increase your business loyalty. This works like one of the main key factors in startup business as well as small enterprise.

  • In this pack you will get Jetpack Personal WordPress plugin. So, this plugin will help you enable and disable some of the features available within WordPress.

  • If you purchase this hosting plan then you can also use Hostinger coupon code India for the further reduction in prices. 

Wordpress business web hosting plan

Hostinger has designed WordPress business hosting plan for medium enterprise. As a medium enterprise needs hosting for approximately 40 to 80 websites. So, Hostinger business hosting plan will be sufficient for these types of company. Moreover, WordPress website development is increasing day by day because people is using WordPress framework as it is very easy and flexible. That is why website development business depended on WordPress framework is growing very fast. Thus, this hosting plan is one of the best web hosting plan for the medium WordPress company or firms.  So, if you are running this type of company then this plan will be perfect for you. Therefore do not do late just click on the link and purchase this hosting plan.

  • The Hostinger business hosting plan for WordPress  is available on  $14.95 /monthly charges on However, the same plan is available at Rs. 815 on

  • So, if you renew Hostinger business  hosting plan you will have to pay $31.80 /monthly for the second year on and Rs.2229/monthly on

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Activate Hostinger coupon code 

Features of Wordpress business web hosting plan

  • In the Wordpress business hosting plan you will get hosting for Unlimited Number of Websites. So, you can host a number of website from different locations. Thus, this plan would be perfect for you if you are running multiple websites.  
  • Moreover, Hostinger is offering for 80 GB Disk Space for your websites. In this way 80 GB disk space is enough space for website hosting. If you are running 40 websites then you will get 2 GB disk space for each websites. However, 80% websites can not use 2 GB space. 
  • You will also get Unlimited Bandwidth in this plan. Thus, you can transfer unlimited data on server using this plan. So, if you have heavy data then this plan will be sufficient for your business. 
  •  Apart from above features you also will get Daily Automated Backups of all your websites. So, this is very good facility for website business. As it provides security to your clients. 
  • Hostinger  offers a very good Jetpack premium plugin. This plugin is for enabling and disabling some of the features within your WordPress websites. Thus it can manage your website features.
  • Thus it is the one of the best hosting plan for you. And also you can use Hostinger coupon code India for the further discount it prices.  More over you also can get cashback if you sign up here on  CouponPay so register on CouponPay.

Activate Hostinger coupon code 

What is shared hosting?

Shared web hosting is a kind of web hosting in which many different websites are hosted on a single server at a time. Since, multiple websites are hosted on a particular sever. That is why it costs very cheap. It works just like a pool. Thus it is very beneficial for the small and medium business etc. As small and medium websites consume less space. So, it work out very smoothly. In case, if all the website consume their own quota of space then it will not work.  So, it is best for blogger and light websites only. However big websites as well as high traffic websites do not use shared web hosting. They always use VPS or Dedicated hosting. As shared hosting cannot run nicely with high traffic volume.

Hostinger shared web hosting plans

Hostinger offers several types of hosting plans. However, in shared hosting plan section it offers three types of shared hosting plan. For example -Single Shared Hosting Plan, Premium Shared Hosting Plan and Business Shared hosting plan. However all three plans are available at very cheap prices in India. So, if you are looking for cheap hosting plan then it can be perfect plan for you. Therefore just read whole article in order to understand the features provided in the shared hosting plans of as well as

Hostinger single shared web hosting plan:

In this web hosting plan you can host only one website. And you will get one email account. Moreover, you will get 100 GB bandwith for data transferring. Apart from this you also will get One X processing Power as well as Memory power etc. However it is dirt cheap for the blogger and small business. So, this web hosting plan is only for running single light websites. Thus, you can get Hostinger single shared hosting plan at very cheap price. Moreover if you want to get more reduction in the price then you can apply Hostiner India Coupon Code at check out or click on the below special discounted link. 

Activate Hostinger coupon code 

And you will get some special discounts as you are CouponPay user because they provide maximum rebate to our users.

Premium shared hosting plan of Hostinger

Hostinger offers several facilities in the Premium shared hosting plan. So, in premium shared hosting plan you can host unlimited number of websites. Moreover, It offers unlimited email account also. So you can create several email account in this plan. Apart from this also you will get unlimited bandwidth for your multiple websites. So you transfer unlimited amount of data on server. Not only this but also you will get 2X  Processing as well as memory power. So, this plan is one of the best hosting plans for medium small business. Moreover, if you apply Hostiner India coupon code  at the time of billing then you will get an extra discounts too.

Hostinger business shared hosting plan

In this hosting plan you will get a lot of features and facilities. In other words, you will get unlimited hosting for multiple websites, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited email account etc. Moreover, you will get daily backup for you all hosted websites. And apart from this you also will get 4X Processing as well as Memory Power. Not only this but also you will get one SSL certificate for a website which will secure your websites. SSL certificate can also increase  SEO ranking score of your websites. Moreover, you also can get more discounts in the hosting charges just by applying Hostinger India coupon code at check out. Register here on CouponPay  in order to get cashback and rewards so  click here to register on CouponPay.

Activate Hostinger coupon code 

What is VPS Hosting?

Although, the term VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. So, VPS hosting is kind of web hosing which is a combined hosting of dedicated and shared hosting. It a kind of  virtual machine which is provided by the web hosting companies with multiple user system. Actually in VPS hosting a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers each are isolated from each other. Moreover, it creates illusion among virtual servers that as they are own independent server with the facility to reboot itself. However, it runs its own operating system. Moreover, it provides you admin rights as well as root access for installing any essential software. So, it is highly secured in comparison of other hosting.

Hostinger VPS Hosting Charge







Visit site


20 GB HD

1000 GB

 55% OFF



Buy now!



40 GB HD

2000 GB

 55% OFF



Buy now!


60 GB HD

3000 GB

 67% OFF



Buy now!


80 GB HD

4000 GB

 68% OFF



Buy now!


120 GB HD

6000 GB

 70% OFF



Buy now!


160 GB HD

8000 GB

 77% OFF



Buy now!

Note: All the VPS hosting plans  of Hostinger are available at very reasonable price. Not only this but also these plans are available with Hostinger coupon code India. So you can apply these coupon codes at the time of billing for the reduction of prices as well as charges. Therefore hurry up do not do late just click on the Buy Now button in order to get discount. Sign up here in order to get cashback on CouponPay.

Activate Hostinger coupon code 

What is cloud hosting? 

Cloud Hosting is a kind of hosting in which all the data are not stored in a single  machine. All the data are stored in different machines located on different locations as well as different servers  that all are connected together. Moreover, you can access all the data through a virtual machine. So, the virtual machine access all the servers across the cloud.

Benefits of cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting is considered a better option of shared hosting as it can handle high traffic volume at a time. Moreover, it provides better security protection in comparison of shared web hosting. However, cloud hosting is more costly than a shared hosting but you can reduce this prices just by using Hostinger Coupon Code India at the time of billing. Moreover, if you want to get more reduction in price then sign up on Coupon Pay  you will get here cashback too. Thus it will reduce your hosting charge. 

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Charges










Visit  Site


Save 76%




Save 76%




Save 63%



Buy now!







Buy now!

100 GB SSD Storage

140 GB SSD Storage

200 GB SSD Storage

Buy now!




Buy now!

2 CPU Cores

4 CPU Cores

8 CPU Cores

Buy now!

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Activate Hostinger coupon code 

What is email hosting ?

An email hosting is another type of  hosting service that runs own email services. Generally, medium and big companies use email on their own brand name. So for this type of services need an email hosting. Thus, medium as well as big enterprises always uses this type of email services. Finally if  any brad wants to run email service on their own name then they have to purchase an email hosting plan from any web hosting company.  So, if you subscribe an email hosing plan then you can provide your own brand email services to your customers. If you want to purchase email hosting plan from Hostinger then you can get lot of discounts as you can apply also Hostinger coupon code India at the time of billing for the further reduction of prices.

Hostinger Email hosting price

Business email hosting plan

Enterprise email hosting plan





Save 57%




Save 28%




Buy now!



Save 55%




Save 29%



Buy now!

10  GB email storage

30 GB email storage

Buy now!

2 Mail filters  

Unlimited  mail filters  

Buy now!

50 Email aliases

50 Email aliases

Buy now!

Antivirus check

Antivirus check

Buy now!

Multi-device support

Multi-device support

Buy now!

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How to use Hostinger coupons & promo codes?

  • Very first, open the Hostinger website by clicking on this special discounted link.
  • Thereafter choose a hosting plan among all Hostinger hosting plans that you want to buy then click on the “Get Started” button.
  • Now you will be landed over on the hostinger hosting plans checkout page where you will view the discounted price which is automatically applied through our above mentioned  special discounted link.


  • After then Click on the “CHECKOUT NOW” button.
  • And now, fill your mandatory credentials such as email,  name,  username, password  and other details in the form and then click on the “Create Account and Checkout” button, subsequently.
  • Now you will get multiple options to make payments, select one of them which would you deem fit for you. But in my opinion, the best way to make payment is by using  credit or debit cards.


  • Thereafter you should  enter the card number, your name, expiry date, and CVC code (written back side of the card) then click on the “Pay” button.
  • After being successful payment, you would be asked for your selected domain name. If you own already a domain name then type it in the right box then click on [YES CONTINUE] and if you don’t have any domain  then press on [NO I WANT ONE] button and now you can buy a desired domain name from Hostinger.


  • Don’t forget to choose the server location. You can choose one from these four locations: Netherlands, Lithuania, USA, and Singapore.
  • If you have a domain already then you will have to change name servers of the domain.


  • Thereafter, you will be asked for installing WordPress or you can skip it too.
  • After then, Press on the Install button and now enter username and password for your admin panel on the next screen.
  • Now click on finish and it is done completely!

Activate Hostinger coupon code 

FAQs about Hostinger coupon code (India) &  promo codes:

What is Hostinger Coupon Code?

Hostinger Coupon Code is kind of discount coupon code which will help you to reduce the price for a flat 90% discount on Hostinger hosting plans.

Which type of  Hostinger Coupons or Promo Codes can give me the maximum discounts?

if you want to get maximum discount then you just need to click on our special discounted link to avail the maximum discount on Hostinger hosting plans' prices.

What is Hostinger Coupon Code India?

Hostinger Coupon Code India is a discount coupon code which will provide you maximum discount in India. However, Hostinger coupon code India has been designed in order to provide discount in the price for Indian hosting customers. So, If you are purchasing web hosting plans from then this coupon code will help you to reduce the price up to 90% Off on Hostinger all web hosting plans.

Do I need to have a Hostinger coupon code to avail a discount on Hostinger?
You do not need to have Hostinger Coupon Code only just you need to click on our offer link to get the discount.
What current discount offers are available for all Hostinger plans?

There are several exiting discount offers are available for all Hostinger hosing plans like  90% discount on shared  and WordPress hosting, 74% discount on cloud hosting, 60% Off  on VPS hosting and 55% discount offer on Email hosting plans.

Does Hostinger offer with its discount deals frequently?

Of course,  mostly Hostinger offers with exiting discount deals frequently.

What is the refund policy and terms & conditions of the Hostinger?

Hostinger offers 30 days money-back guarantee if  you are not satisfied with its web hosting plans.

What kind of payment methods does Hostinger allow?

Hostinger accepts  PayPal payments and payments made through major credit or debit cards .

Activate Hostinger coupon code 

Remarkable Points of This Article 

In this article,  you must have  learnt that:  How to purchase domain from Hostinger hosting? And how to buy Hosting plans from Hostinger ? And you can avail a flat 90% discount on Hostinger hosting plans. That is a great discount, so on, offered by Hostinger. If,  you are a startup company or entity. So, you should certainly use its services, at a cheap rate, using our  discount coupon codes.


Some other popular web hosting plans.

There are lots of other web hosting companies also available in the market. And they are also offering an attractiveness hosting services at very low as well as reasonable prices. Some of them also provides one or more domain names with their web hosting plans. These domains are totally free of cost for one years.

Thus, you will not have to pay any  charge of domain for one year. After that only you have to pay renewal charges yearly. Thus, you can save approximately Rs. 1000/ as well as $14 etc. If you are selecting top level domains. However, there is no compulsion for domain selection. You can select any kind of domain according to your wishes. However the hosting company will provide you that domain complimentary with your hosing plan.  

Other Feature in your web hosting plan

Not only free domain name for one year but also you can get SSL Certificate for one domain for one years. It is also free from any kind of charges. After one year only you have to pay renewal charges. So in this way you can secure your website from any kind of hacking attack. As SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.

So it provides security between web clients and web servers from an insecure network on the internet. So if you purchases these types of SSL Certificate then you may have to pay approximately Rs. 5000 or  $65 etc. Thus these companies are providing you free of cost SSL certificate. If you purchase web hosting from them.  

Not only this some of them also provides SSD hard disk on web hosting which can enhance your website speed multiple time. These web hosting is very secure as SSD hard disk are used in it. SSD hard disk is for better and HDD. As SSD drive is faster, lighter as well as more durable as compare to HDD hard drives.

Your offers for web hosting plans not only ends here but also you can apply discount coupon codes just like Hostinger Coupon Code India for the further reduction in prices.

Activate Hostinger Coupon Code 

Thus you can get more benefits on these popular web hosing  companies also. So check all the web hosting companies' hosing plans below here:

Web Hosting Plans

Web hosting company

Hosting offers

Monthly charge 

Hard drive

Visit web


Bluehost hosting offers
Bluehost hosting offers

Get 50% flat OFF on all web hosting plans

+ avail one Free domain name also. 

view all hosting coupons 




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A2 hosting offers
A2 hosting offers

Avail upto 60% flat discount on

all A2 Hosting  plans.

click here in order to view all

view web hosting coupons.


₹ 251.01


Visit on

A2 Hosting


BigRock hosting offers
BigRock hosting offers

Get flat 30% discount on

all BigRock web hosting plans.

Web hosting coupons.


Rs. 59


Visit on


Hostinger coupon code India
Hostinger coupon code India

Avail upto 95% flat discount  on

all Hostinger  web hosting plans.

after using 

Hostinger coupon code India

View web hosting coupons.


$ 0.80 


Visit on


HostGator coupon code
HostGator coupon code

Grab upto 60% flat Off on

HostGator web hosting plans

view web hosting coupons.




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GoDaddy web hosting offers
GoDaddy web hosting offers

Avail Upto 60% flat discount offers

on all godaddy web hosting plans.

view web hosting coupons.




Visit on


Note: If, you have any suggestions or need any kind of Discount Coupons Codes and Promo Codes. So, you are requested, to leave a comment in commenting section. We would be thankful to you.

Get more offers and discount coupons on other stores:

Pros: You can get here a maximum discount offer on Hostinger hosting plans i.e. flat 90% Off.

Cons: Hosinger is a emerging company across the world. It is not very famous in selling of hosting plans yet. However, it is a good web hosting company.