Refer And Earn 30% Bonus Lifetime

Your Unique Referral Link will be

For Example

  1. You referral link would be like this a complete combination of black and blue above mentioned  link.
  2. However, black link will be same for all members.
  3. Only, blue link (your user name = Your Full Email Address) would be unique (different-different for each member).
  4. So, in your referral link you will have to add only registered email address on CouponPay after the black link.
  5. Thus, if you add your registered email address on CouponPay after the black link then that will be your referral link.
  6. So, by sharing that referral link you can invite your friends and relatives to join CouponPay and can earn 30% referral bonus life lime. So once, refer and earn 30% bonus for the lifetime on every shopping done by your referral. Not only this but also you will get this bonus from each and every your referred member  lifetime.
  7. Moreover, who will sign up he/she will get Rs. 151/- as SIGNUP bonus also.

So, in this way you have a very good opportunity to earn 30% referral bonus for life time. Invite once and earn lifetime.  You can invite unlimited member and can earn unlimited cashback and bonuses from CouponPay.

How much can you earn every year from CouponPay referral Program ?

CouponPay registration is totally free of cost. And on the other hand CouponPay gives you Rs.151/- as a Sign Up Bonus when you download and register CouponPay App. Suppose you invite 500 people to Sign Up on CouponPay  and out of 500 people approximately 250 people registered on CouponPay. And they start shopping via CouponPay and earn Rs.1000/- as cashback every year then you also will earn 30% of cashback value every year for the life time.

So, in this way you will get 30% of Rs.1000/- from each members. Thus you will receive Rs.300/- from 250 members every year.  Hence, you will earn Rs.75000/-  per year for life time just like a life time pension. So, dear friends it is a lifetime referral program which will provide you a passive income. Therefore, join today and start sharing your referral link on your Youtube Channel, Facebook Page and Instagram Story as well as on other social media platforms.

Right Process of Earning Cashback From CouponPay :

First Step        > Register on CouponPay..

Second Step   > Download CouponPay App.

Third Step      > Login Your CouponPay Account.

Fourth Step   > Select Relevant Store Coupon, Deal and Offer.

Fifth Step      > Click on the link available on the coupon page.

Sixth Step     > Do shopping on relevant store.

Seventh Step > Earn automatic cashback in CouponPay account.