Frequently Asked Questions About CouponPay Cashback

About CouponPay Cashback Services:

How can you check your favourite retailers on CouponPay?

Just go to top of the home page of CuponPay. There you will find “Cashback And Coupons”. So, just below of “Cashback And Coupons” there are 4 search filters just like [Search] [Any Store] [Any Category] [Any Location]. Thus, select anyone or multiple according to your requirement. After that click on the blue SEARCH button situated on the right side. After that you will get all related, Coupons, Offers, Deals as well as Promo Codes there. So, read it fully and click on that offers that suits perfectly according to your needs.

Will I have to pay for using

You will not have to pay any amount for using CouponPay services as it provides free of cost services.  Only, you have to sign up on CouponPay with using your email id, a unique username and alpha numerical password. Not only it is free of cost but also you will get an attractive Sign Up Bonus Rs.151/- as well as 30% lifetime referral bonus and cashback or reward too.

How you can contact with CouponPay customer support team?

Visit the CouponPay home page and click on the about menu from main navigation menu. There you will get two option first Submit Coupons and second Contact Us. So, click on the contact us button and you will get contact page there. After that you need to fill some requisite information like Name, Email, Mob. No., Question and Massage and click on the Send button. Thus, you can contact with CouponPay customer support team. Thereafter, CouponPay customer support team will contact you or resolve your problem as well as query within 72 working hours.

Cashback Earnings:

Where can I see my cashback earnings?

Just visit to CouponPay home page and click on the Register/Login in main navigation menu. Thereafter, fill your username and password to this site and login. After login, your full name will be appeared on the CouponPay Header beside Logout button. So, click on your name and you will get three option, first MY PROFILE, Second CASHBACK EARNED, Third LOGOUT. After that you need to click on CASHBACK EARNED option. When you click on this option you will get all overview of cashback/reward and other bonuses details. Such as Earnings, Withdrawn, Pending Approval, Balance.

What is the mean of Pending Cashback/Reward?

Pending cashback/reward means, your transaction is done with the retailers but CouponPay has not get affiliate commission for that transaction. CouponPay will get affiliate commission for that transaction after 90 days. When we get affiliate commission for that transaction then your cashback/reward will be approved / confirmed. Moreover, only approved/confirmed cashback /reward bonuses you can make withdrawal. However, withdrawal option will be shown into your CouponPay account after earning Rs.500/-.

What does mean by approved / confirmed reward/cashback?

Confirmed/ approved cashback/ reward means we have received affiliate commission for that transaction against which you got cashback. We get affiliate commission after 90 days for any kind of transaction made by our registered members. So, after getting relevant commission. We approved cashback / reward to our relevant members.

After, how long will I avail my cashback or reward?

You will get your cashback or reward after 90 days of making relevant transactions. After 90 days It will be approved. And if it is completed Rs.500/- then you can withdraw it as minimum withdrawal limit is Rs.500/-.

Can I visit retailer store directly and forward you a receipt of billing to claim my cashback/reward?

No, you do not need to visit any retail store directly because we will not get any affiliate commission if you visit directly. Actually, we are the Ad publisher and we get cashback or reward against publishing Ad on our website. We link our affiliate id in the coupons, deals, promo codes as well as offers’s page. And retail store trace that id and come to know that this transaction is made by CouponPay. Thus, we get affiliate commission and we also offer cashback/ reward against that commissions.