Anti Spam Policy

That, the CouponPay promise that It will not send you any kind of unsolicited mails as well as other mode of digital communications without your prior permission. Neither we will sell, give any of your details nor rent it out to the third parties or companies. We have your personal information (your data) just for providing you our best cashback services, not for any other malice intention or purposes.

We collect your personal information by two ways, first when you register on our site for cashback, reward or referral bonus. And second when you subscribe our newsletter. However, we always send emails to our subscriber with to option to unsubscribe our newsletter any time, if he/she is not satisfied with our cashback services.

We also hope that all our registered members as well as our newsletter subscriber will operate their CouponPay accounts without spamming to our retail store partners.  All CouponPay members are prohibited to do any kind of spam or illegal activities on CouponPay as well as our merchant partners’ site.

If any of our members do these types of prohibited activities either our site or our partner merchant’s site then his/her account can be terminated or suspended any time. Moreover, all the earned cashback as well as reward will be confiscated. Not only this but also legal proceedings can be initiated against her/him. So, all of you are welcome at the bottom of our heart to the world of CouponPay unique cashback services with a good and honest intention.